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Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind' - Walter Lander.
While a product is sitting at the shelves of the store, it is a mere 'stuff ' without any character. But when you attribute a character to the product or service, it goes vibrant and lively as well, that 'll communicate with your target customers and, an affinity builds up between consumer and product slowly. This process is branding. Great stories are powerful enough to create great brands. How to build a brand identity?Creating a brand identity is not a simple matter, it requires in-depth thought process, research, and amazing creative solution. But where to start, follow these tips to move through the process seamlessly and build a powerful brand identity that sets you up for success. Are ready?

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1- Formulation of Brand Strategy.

You've to make a clear vision about your brand and to where are you addressing upon which you've to make a brilliant strategy to launch your product or service successfully. Get set yourself for creating a transparent brand image giving importance to the brand's visual images/ brand's voice/ brand massage / tag-line and touching brand stories.

2-Creative Solution- What You've To Do?Digital Marketing Agency in kochi

You need to create a comprehensive design pattern that can be applied: Clour / Logo / Typography / Photography / Illustration / Content / Web design. Your design must be distinct / memorable / cohesive /flexible

3-Research and Analysis

Before your branding exercise, you need to mine some vital information regarding your target customers' behavioral pattern / demographic details / competitors' positions / their strength and weakness / and much more.

4 Create Your Identity

Until and unless you mark your identity among your target customers, you can't move on to the path of success. Some important elements that influence your brand identity.
[Logo,Colour,Typography,The theme of your content,Design of package]

Let's look at the term " Digital Marketing" which is the buzzing term in business and marketing scenario.

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Companies in kochi

Digital marketing is the component of marketing, that utilizes the internet, and online-based digital technologies like website / SEO / Social Media, and much more. Digital Marketing has been a critical component in your marketing strategy. Whatever business is you are doing, whether your business is is small, medium, and large it too difficult to head successfully without a brilliant Digital Marketing network. Because more than 70% of your potential buyers plugged to the internet so, if you don't use the possibilities of Digital Marketing, it means you simply miss out on a large number of potential buyers.

Why is Digital Marketing critical in your business promotion strategy?-Digital Marketing Company in Kochi


1 You can do your Digital Marketing on a small budget. While traditional advertising such as newspaper display ad/ TV commercial / TV channel optimization / OOH requires a big budget, Digital Marketing can be done with a considerably small budget.

2 Digital Marketing is more accurate. You can fix your target people by their age/gender/ income/, and geographical location.

3 Digital Marketing brings more conversion. The result is more transparent and measurable, it helps high qualified leads and brand recallings.

4 Digital marketing builds brand reputation. The power of Digital Marketing lies in its ability, and scope for attracting target traffic. Good content marketing creates trust between the brand and the consumers.

5 Digital Marketing caters mobile phone users. In India, there are 450 million smart-phone users and enjoy unlimited data daily.

6 A better Return Of Investment is assured with a brilliant Digital Marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Glossary (click here to about digital marketing terms widely used in Digital marketing scenario) .


Website is the signature of your business organization that, reveals the character of the brand. So, it is an urgent need for you to build a UX based strategy driven website. A large number of smart business people depends on their website to bring in a steady stream of leads and make aware the target customer about your product or service and your competitive edge. So, I recommend you not to take a risk with your website. If you already have a website, it's better for you that not ignore the following alert.

1 Your website takes more time to get loaded and goes slow in performance. The slow loading website encourages the users to leave, the site within seconds and, the bounce rate would go up and, the traffic gets down pathetically. According to the industry report, one second of loading delay of an online shop cart can lead to a 7% drop in the sales volume. If you suffer this situation urgently, you have to consider the renovation of the website.

2 Unresponsive website: Your website should be responsive to all devices. In India, 36% of internet users are with their smartphone.

3 Outdated content: make sure your website content updated in a regular interval. Otherwise, the search engine likely, not detect the content and the site would go down in the SEO ranking.

The purpose of the website. What you have to communicate through the website? To whom address the website? The clear objective of the website leads us into many specific, technical, and strategical considerations.

# Research and Analysis: Research is an exigent exercise in a web site development process that gives a clear idea for the strategic formulation.

We collect the data by:
# Interview with management/ relevant employees and stakeholders.
# Telephone interview.
# Survey conducts on the social media platform.
# Compitotors website review.
Understanding the users. Our UX design strategy purely driven by user's behavior/experience. We strongly believe that addressing the needs and concerns of the users is the first step to website success. That's why we believe user experience is the fundamental element in the web development strategy. Content is the 'star' in any successful website. Genuine and relevant content makes website peppy that bring a great deal of traffic and leads. That's why we always go after for fresh and genuine content and update the content regularly. Likewise, we are concerned about the design part of the website. Aesthetically beautiful layout and design inspire the users to hang out more time on the page. Otherwise, the users would quit the site and obviously, the bounce rate would go up. 6 Seo ranking. Before launching the website it must make sure that the website strategically optimized on the search engine. We recommend our clients to plug in google analytical tools with their website for the hidden data collection of the users. 7 Other services we provide including website development. Content creation and regular updating for the blog. Link development Ranking report Google Analytics installation On page SEO we Title and meta tag optimization.

Video-content is a Critical Component in Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Why?

A well-taken video story will take your brand into the mind of the right customers. Video gets 1,200% more shares than text images. The human brain can also process visuals much quicker than it can text. The brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. With our fast-pacing lifestyle, most of us prefer to watch video content versus looking 30 minutes to read the same idea in the text format. The average Click-Through-Rate (CTR)of video ads is 1.84%. That's the highest CTR of all digital ad formats.

Benefits of Video Content:

1- Since the video is a multi-media content, it is too appealing and has more entertainment value to catch the attention of people.

2- Video is more flexible to the users. 450 million Indians use a smart phone ( 730 million Indians enjoying internet access)so, he can use his phone any time anywhere.

3 YouTube and Google love video content more. Since the world's one of the largest search engines greatly favour a video content, but you've to optimize your content with strategic keywords. And you've 53 times morelikely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website.

4 Video builds credibility. By a good video with a great story, you can touch the mind of the consumer, that 'll influence him in his decision-making process.

5 The video encourages social shares. 92% of mobile users share a good video with their friends and others. Here content is the king that provokes one to share the video. So, you 've to create heart-touching stories.

6 Video boosts conversion and sales.

7 The video brings great Return Of Investment (ROI).

8 Video appeals to mobile users.

9 Video engages even the laziest buyers.